Maintenance Tips

  • Air Condition: Check filters every month; annually have unit serviced; keep unit free of debris
  • Range and Oven: To avoid damaging the burners, do not use extra-large and heavy cooking pots or pans. If you have a self-clean oven, do not use any other method to clean it.
  • Garbage Disposal: To clean the disposal, push a full tray of ice cubes through it while running cold water. Always remember to run water during use and for at least two minutes after finish. This prevents stoppage.
  • Hot Water Heaters: Should be inspected annually. Expansion tanks should be drained annually.
  • Washer and Dryer: Clean the lint screen after each loan of clothes has been dried. To adjust the level of your washing machine, turn the legs clockwise to lower them or counter clockwise to raise them.
  • Plumbing System: Avoid flushing any paper products other than toilet paper. Check for leaks, corrosion and add a clean out compound to once a year.
  • Have Heating Ducts Clean every 5 to 6 years.
  • Structure or Structural: Foundation walls should be check for evidence of deterioration, dampness and movement. Semi-annual inspections allow for monitoring the situation of your foundation.
  • Wall & Ceiling Surface Cracks: These should be monitored for evidence of significant movement. Minor movement due to normal settling and shrinkage should be anticipated.
  • Gutters: Keep gutters clean from debris. It is important to maintain a free-flowing gutter system. Flowing water from your house properly will protect your foundation and keep stains from developing on your siding.
  • Check overall condition of the roof.
  • Vacuum the bathroom fan grill.
  • Check & replace damage caulking & weather stripping around all windows & doors.
  • Check & replace batteries as needed for smoke detectors & security alarms
  • Keep all windows screens & hardware clean
  • Deep clean your carpet and rugs
  • Lubricate all door hinges, garage door & tighten screws as needed to ensure proper operation.
  • Affordable Housing

    We strive to make West Dallas, Pleasant Grove, and Oak Cliff an affordable, attractive option for potential home buyers, as well as improve the condition and value of existing homes.

  • Home Buyer Education & Asset Building

    Finding and purchasing the right home at the right price can be a challenge. Families on a limited budget, in particular, face barriers such as the shortage of gap financing, credit counseling, and special financing.

    Builders of Hope homebuyers services staff works with homebuyers to help make the process of purchasing a home less intimidating. Our staff works maintains relationships with realtors, lenders, title companies, as well as the City of Dallas to make the process run smoothly for homebuyers. Homebuyers services works with the buyers and coordination of all involved entities to ensure buyers go from renting to owning and from contract to closing.

  • Workforce Development / Ministry

    Builders of Hope operates a unique workforce development program known as Project REACH that combine life skills and character development in an attempt to deal with high unemployment and crime.

  • Community Pride

    A major part of maintaining a safe and healthy community involves drawing upon the energy, ideas, and experiences of the residents themselves.
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