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Are you tired of renting?

Are you dreaming about havng a new home?

Why not turn your dreams into a realty by making the first step in completing the attached pre-qualification application.

Builders of Hope can prepare you well for the process by examining your credit data and discussing your opportunities with you. Instructions are on the form. Please complete thoroughly, sign, and send it in with your application fee of $25.00 by check or money order to:

Builders of Hope CDC
P.O. Box 224723
Dallas, Texas 75222

Please click for a printable copy of our application.

Pre-Qualifying Intake Form

Please click for a printable copy

Buying from Builders of Hope is easy as your A-B-C’s

A – Application
B – Bring documents (id, social security card, bank statements, tax returns, pay stubs)
C – Credit check, contract, construction, closing.



Q:  What is the qualifying credit score?
A:  A middle credit score of 620 is generally the lowest score that qualifies for lender approval.

Q: What is the price of your homes?
A:  Builders of Hope homes are priced between $95,000 – $150,000.  This is a market that is traditionally underserved by   for  nonprofit builders.  The value that you will receive
at this price level is unmatched.

Q:  Where do you build homes?
A: We build homes in the City of Dallas and currently do not build in the suburbs.

Our focus is making the urban areas of West Dallas, Prairie Creek, and Oak Cliff

attractive places to live.

Q:  Are there income limits? Minimums and Maximums?
A: Yes and no.   Most of the homes that Builders of Hope CDC builds are sold to

individuals who qualify based on their household size and annual income.

Partnering with the
City of Dallas, Builders of Hope sells homes to people who happen to earn less

than the area median income.   However, there are exceptions.  Please see the

City of Dallas
income requirements.


  • Affordable Housing

    We strive to make West Dallas, Pleasant Grove, and Oak Cliff an affordable, attractive option for potential home buyers, as well as improve the condition and value of existing homes.

  • Home Buyer Education & Asset Building

    Finding and purchasing the right home at the right price can be a challenge. Families on a limited budget, in particular, face barriers such as the shortage of gap financing, credit counseling, and special financing.

    Builders of Hope homebuyers services staff works with homebuyers to help make the process of purchasing a home less intimidating. Our staff works maintains relationships with realtors, lenders, title companies, as well as the City of Dallas to make the process run smoothly for homebuyers. Homebuyers services works with the buyers and coordination of all involved entities to ensure buyers go from renting to owning and from contract to closing.

  • Workforce Development / Ministry

    Builders of Hope operates a unique workforce development program known as Project REACH that combine life skills and character development in an attempt to deal with high unemployment and crime.

  • Community Pride

    A major part of maintaining a safe and healthy community involves drawing upon the energy, ideas, and experiences of the residents themselves.
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