Project REACH

Builders of Hope CDC is a Christian Ministry transforming Dallas urban areas by building strong families and healthy, safe neighborhoods through discipleship, community pride, and development of quality affordable housing.

In carrying out its mission, Builders of Hope not only builds houses but builds men.  The vehicle that Builders of Hope uses to engage men is Project REACH. 

Project REACH combines two nationally recognized programs on character and life skills development to create a unique workforce development program. The two programs are Jobs for Life:


and Men’s Fraternity – 33 The Series.

Affordable Housing

We build energy efficient homes in West Dallas, Pleasant Grove, and Oak Cliff. Our homes are priced between $95,000 - $150,000. We build modern 3-4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage homes. It's important to note that most can buy for between $600 - $800 a month which is less than most renters pay monthly.



Homebuyer Education & Asset building

Finding and purchasing the right home at the right price can be a challenge. Families on a limited budget, in particular, face barriers such as the shortage of gap financing, credit counseling, and special financing. Our homebuyer services department is responsible for ensuring that homebuyers have the tools that they need to be successful. We work hand in hand with buyers to make the process run smoothly for them and to make the buying process less intimidating and complicated. We believe in serving customers with excellence by going beyond their expectations to help individuals move from renters to homeowners.

Community Pride

A major part of maintaining a safe and healthy community involves drawing upon the energy, ideas, and experiences of the residents themselves. Builders of Hope continuously engages the communities in which we build homes on community pride events. Partnering with our lending partners, churches, neighborhood groups, individuals, and residents, Builders of Hope works with volunteers on beautification projects and neighborhood cleanup. When we involve the community not only do they get something tangible such as new landscaping, painted community centers, or painted / rehabbed houses, Builders of Hope receives smiles, engaged citizens, and the confirmation that we are building hope in others.

Workforce Development / Ministry

Builders of Hope operates a unique workforce development program known as Project REACH that combine life skills and character development in an attempt to deal with high unemployment and crime.

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